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Chefville was created by the gaming company Zynga and is part of the family of Facebook games.  Chefville
can be played both on Facebook and at the
Zynga website.  In Chefville, you become a chef that is trying to
create and run a successful restaurant.  You have the freedom to create and design your own restaurant in
a number of different styles.  New food dishes, cookware, food stations, ingredients and recipes are unlocked
as you progress in the game.  Quests are given by different game characters.
As in many Facebook games, your Facebook friends can become your neighbors in Chefville.  Neighbors help one another out by
sending them some of the required elements to unlock food stations and cook recipes, when items are requested.  You can also visit
your neighbors and collect various ingredients while helping them.

An interesting feature of the game is as you become proficient in different dishes, those recipes are send to your email address.  So
you can make these recipes in “real life”.  
How do I get more neighbors in Chefville?

If you are playing Chefville on Facebook, you can ask your Facebook
Friends to be your neighbors.  Personally, I always ask everyone once
just in case they are playing the game and I didn’t notice.  

If you don’t have enough neighbors, you can also play the game on  Zynga works along with Facebook so you will still have your
Facebook friends but in addition you can have Zfriends.  

Zfriends can collect very fast and that can really help your game.  You
don’t have to have any interaction with your Zfriends in “real life” if you
don’t wish too.
What to do about too many onions and mushrooms on Chefville?

Onions and mushrooms should be harvested regularly to keep them thinned.  You can harvest the whole plant (3 harvests) on a
couple of plants a day to keep them thinned.

How do I get more onions and mushrooms on Chefville?

  • You can harvest onions and mushrooms at neighbors and receive some.  You do not get one per harvest but you will usually
    get some.  

  • You can buy onions and mushrooms with hearts.  

  • You can grow your own.  I have had success by making sure when I harvest them I leave one on the plant.  I then leave an
    empty space by the plant.  A new plant will grow next to the old plant.  Old plants that have had some harvested off of them will
    also fill in again.  Growing your own can take some time.

  • Make sure you check behind building and other things.  Sometimes onions and mushrooms are growing behind them and you
    cannot see them.
Why won’t by customers sit down at the tables on Chefville?
Try these suggestions:
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking the tables or the way to the table.  Check the floor tiles, doors, walls, decorations.   

  • Try refreshing the page.  If that doesn’t work, visit and neighbor and then refresh.

  • Move the tables around.

  • Put the tables in storage and then take them out again and place them.

  • Turn the game off and then back on.
How to get Roses on Chefville?

  • You can collect from your own Rose Stand.  This will give you 3 roses every 8 hours.  To get roses faster, ask your neighbors
    to click on the Rose Stand, as the first thing they do, when they come to your restaurant.  This will reduce the waiting time.

  • You can ask friends for roses.  When you have run out of roses and a person requests a rose, click on the rose above their
    head.  It will give the option of asking friends for roses.

  • You can buy roses with cash.
Why aren’t my customers asking for roses on Chefville?

If you need recommendations and your customers are not asking for roses, it could be that you have hit your limit of

How to unlock new areas of land on Chefville?

This is usually done through a combination of recommendations, mastery stars and coins.  Just click on the land area, see what the
requirements are and if you have them click to open that area.   There are also quests that include the unlocking of land areas.
How many dishes can I make on Chefville?

Each dish requires one countertop to set it on when it is done.  However when you make multiples of the same kind of dish, it will be
stacked on top of the one already on the countertop.  The more countertops you have the more food you can serve and more
customers you can have.

Where are the mixed greens in Chefville?

Mixed greens can be picked from some of the flowers.  One bunch of flowers will give you one mixed green.  At the start of the game,
you are provided with a flower on the left side of your useable land.  You can also buy more flowers so you can pick more mixed

Why is my food burning on Chefville?

Food left to cook for too long will burn.  In my experience, it does have to sit there a long time.  I have only had it burn when it has
been over a day since I have played.  I do believe a 16 hour dish takes longer to burn then a 5 minute dish but I do not have an
exact time frame.  So keep this in mind when setting your dishes to cook.
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